a letter from our ceo

Aloha Babe,

When I first started brainstorming and manifesting what I wanted my brand to be: I knew I wanted to create something beautiful, something I needed, something non-toxic, and something that I would love and use daily!

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I was born on the Big Island of Hawaii and have been modeling swimwear professionally for nearly a decade. What you probably don’t know is every single shoot I’ve ever modeled in has ONE thing in common: body oil.

BINGO! I mean honestly, after all this time, I could not for the life of me find a body oil that fit ALL of my needs.

I needed something that gave my skin hydration but felt lightweight and not sticky, something that looked glowy but not shimmery, but sometimes I wanted shimmery so maybe two different kinds? I needed something I could use day or night and bring everywhere with me, something my boyfriend and brother and dad could also use during our travels, something vegan, reef safe, and YUMMY smelling. 

After MONTHS of testing and reformulating, designing, getting discouraged, almost quitting. After all the time I’ve spent pouring my heart, ideas, creativity, and years of my life into modeling and influencing for brands that really didn't care about me in the end. With all of the love, grit, inspiration and desire to carry on my uncle’s name after he was taken from our Ohana too soon: Kawela was born. 

I do all of the product development, design, planning, investing, organizing, even building this website myself and my Mamasan lovingly packages & ships your purchases. We do a little happy hula with each and every order placed.

Mahalo for being here, for holding space for me and this dream, and for inspiring me to keep going. 

From my hale to yours, I hope you glow. 

-CEO Victoria xox